What altitude is the best to avoid turbulence?

Yea so I’m facing head winds heading towards Greenland. What is the best altitude to avoid turbulence (West).

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Seriously, you gotta tone down the excessive topic creation. You already asked this question, too.


I would check out windy.com. You can see where the winds are at certain altitudes. It can help you avoid turbulence. But, Atlantic winds are everywhere you can expect them when your flying over the Atlantic.

There really isn’t a set altitude that will steer you away from the North Atlantic winds. Realistically, most of the time, you’ll encounter turbulence over the North Atlantic

Since you are going west, you will experience some turbulence over the Atlantic due to jetstreams. It’s alright, completely normal. In addition, turbulence doesn’t affect your aircraft in IF other than some bumps, nothing bad will happen. Totally normal :)

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You need to cut down on your excessive topics, there were 5 topics that was created in just 1 day and all of the answers you were looking for can be found on Google.com


My ete is red.

thats normal, as the aircraft gets lighter it will turn orange then white 🙂

That happens often. The winds will calm down eventually, along with your aircraft getting lighter due to fuel burn, so you’ll be fine ;)

I just wanted to add something, considering you’ve created 7 topics in the past 20 hours, ranging in variety from winds, to FPLtoIF.com questions, whatever question it may be. I remember you apologized two weeks ago in this topic - Apology to ifc - what ever happened to that? The community, of course, is here to answer your questions. But, part of learning how to be a pilot is discovering things on your own. That’s how life works. We’re not going to be here for every single little question. We may be here now, but what if we aren’t in the future? You may have teacher(s) now, but what happens when you graduate? Go out there, try, and figure it out yourself. Using the forum as an outlet for every single little question you have should be a last resort. Use Google, use the tutorials on their respective sites. Expand your train of thought. It’s key to your success, not only with Infinite Flight, but with the real world, too.


Hello maybe you should just ask me a question next time instead of posting another of your countless topics. I would say it definitely depends on the situation and just use windy.com as @Thunderbolt previously said. We in the Infinite Flight South Florida group can answer your questions :)