What altitude can i cruise with out dealing with headwinds

Im on a b777 nearing cyvr on 35000 ft and im dealing with some headwinds what altitude do you think i can cruise without headwinds?

Same altitude really it doesnt matter your just going slower because of no headwinds it shouldn’t affect your altitude

All altitudes have headwinds. The best idea is to just use simbrief.com and windy.com to plan your flights, to have as little headwind as possible.

Winds don’t just go away…

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You will face headwinds at any altitude. Don’t think you won’t face headings on routes that usually provide tailwinds either. Sometimes the wind patterns can switch things up.

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I find that above 40,000 feet the area of strong headwinds increases but the velocity decreases.

I found that around 35000 feet has the strongest wind…

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Yeah I agree like 34 to 36 strongest.

Well, you could fly a direction with tailwinds. I’m not sure if you think there’s some sort of altitude at which wind ceases to exist or what.

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