What airspeed should I use flaps on the A321?

I want to start flying a321 but I don’t when to deploy each flaps. Can someone tell me when to deploy flaps 1,2,3,4 in different air speed

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According to this site, are this your flap limits/positions:

Flap Position - Speed
Flaps Up - 235
Flaps 1 - 215
Flaps 2 - 170
Flaps 3 - 195
Flaps 4 - 190

Should be pretty much the same as the other variants.

190 - flaps 1
170-180 -flaps 2
150-160 - flaps 3
130+ - max flaps

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Flaps 1 for takeoff?

A bit too slow, to enable full flaps

Depends on your runway, if it’s very short with a low V1 speed you need Flaps 2. But most of the time they use Flaps 1.

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Guys thank you for quick reply!! Going to fly from Hong Kong to shanghai now.

Actually I believe what Infinite flight has is wrong. Because in the real world A321, there is actually 1+F… But IF doesn’t have that option.

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Flaps 1 is what I always use for takeoff.

Flaps full is what I use 150 knots and below

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180 knts flap 1
170 knts flap 2 + gear
160 knts flap 3
150 knts flap 4

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If I remember it’s:

That’s in knots.

I have a problem with this aircraft. As long as I lower the VS then it start bouncing up and down. Do u guys have this problem?

This is a known issue and should be fixed in the next update.

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Flaps 1+F is used for takeoff

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I usually go full flaps at 170 IAS. But this also depends on the weight of your aircraft when you begin your approach on ILS, GPS or the visual. At different weights your approach speed will differ. I usually use the approach speed as a way of determining when to deploy full flaps. So generally 220 IAS flap 1, 210 IAS flap 2, 190 IAS flap 3, the gear down and spoilers armed and then generally around 170 IAS flaps 4

Takeoff: The rule of thumb for Airbus A319, 320, 321 I use is, if I am under more than landing weight I go with flaps 1. If I am over landing weight then I go with flaps 2. In the real world, obviously more calculations go in to which flaps setting to use (weather, runway length, surface, weight and the V speeds that have been calculated). Hope this helps! :)

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Check the cockpit near the landing gear I don’t know if the reverse would apply if there takeoff settings someone correct me if I’m wrong 😊

These are max operating speed for flaps. Your speed very high. The Pilots wont fly nowhere near max flaps limit.



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