What airport would you make?

Lots of great airports here, can’t wait to see them all 3D!

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EIDL - Donegal Airport. My home airport and one of the most scenic airports in the world!

I’d also work on too many airports I can name in Europe 🤣but mainly focus on Ireland.


Dfw is my home airport


Yeah! Seeing Cork and Shannon in the sim would be a nice addition


Maybe Cranbrook or something. Then once I’ve got some experience, move on to Boeing or Paine Field

I would probably help with that!

I would start off simple, maybe do Pasco or the Tri-Cities before moving up and doing Spokane or Bellingham.

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eeu Faria SBSV,LROP and Casablanca (GMMN)

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As I was reading this I can hear a air Serbia A330-200 at 900 ft from Belgrade landing in JFK 22L lol.

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Anyone who knows me well on here knows my answer would be African airports

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Many UK airports such as Liverpool , Birmingham , East Midlands and many more since it brings more attention to the UK & many routes to Europe & North America.


Tulsa (KTUL) my hometown Airport and Colorado Springs (KCOS) which is I live here for a while.

Thats so nice lol

The first airport I would do is not my hometown airport (SBFZ).
It would be a smaller airport, like SBTF or SBTT (@AvioesEJogos would like it)

EBOS (Ostend/Bruges) Been there like 6 times


TTPP Piarco International for sure

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Fairoaks (EGTF) would be my first one😎

I’ve started small to my nearest GA airport, just to get a feel of how it works and how to get going really. I’ve recently sent Barton Aerodrome (EGCB) in Manchester for review. Here’s an image of the tower hanger and cafe area with car park and medical areas finished

Even this, a local GA airport had over 206 objects, massive respect to anyone who can make an international airport as detailed as they are


Shenyang Taoxian (ZYTX) Beautiful Airport in North China that serves international destinations and isn’t that big.

Fukuoka (RJFF) Same with above, but more destinations.

Sanya Phoenix (ZJSY) Beautiful Airport on the island of Hainan that serves quite a few international routes, especially ZJSY-EGLL.

Brunei International (WBSB) Hub of RBA.

Adelaide Parafield (YPPF) GA Airport, used for pilot training, and located north of city.

Kingscote (YKSC) Great small Airport to start off, located on the island of Kangaroo Island governed by SA.

Melbourne Avalon (YMAV) Another Melbourne Airport, with only 3 airlines serving and not that big.

Murray Bridge (YMBD) GA Airport Mainly suited for flying schools.

Cairns (YBCS) Popular tourist destination in Queensland with a small Airport serving lots of international routes due to tourist attraction.

I can go on, but I think these are enough airports for now 😅


Obviously my local airport so Columbus John Glenn International but other than that if I ever decide to edit an airport I’d probably pick somewhere a little off the beaten path like Rabat or Marrakesh, Morocco or something just for fun :p


KMFR (it’s my local airport so of course i’d do it), KPDX, KOTH, KEUG, KRDM, and KLMT

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