What airport that you have been was furthest from the city?

This only applies for cities the airport serve.

The furthest I’ve tried was KUL. It’s around 60km from KL Sentral and taking a car would take 1 hour, which makes the flight there (for me) shorter than the car ride.

I have to say, KUL is a great airport. If you’re not going to KL, you can choose to stay in Sepang (the hotel is not at all fabulous). It’s still MUCH better than SZB.

Anyone has tried an airport as far as KUL-KL or further? (The airport MUST primarily serve the city).

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Oslo Gardermoen to Oslo Center is a pretty long strech - about 45km. Whenever my family and I go to Norway, we usually take the Flytoget (Airport train in English) and that takes around 20 minutes.


Trondheim Airport to the Town is quite a journey too

From London Luton to the center of London. With the bus, 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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Panamá-Pacífico, 30 minutes without traffic, 1 hour and more with heavy traffic. Tocumen isn’t so far, just 20 minutes.

larnaca in cyprus, its been while since ive been but i think it was around 50 to 60 mins to nicosia from there

Dulles. It serves Washington d.c. and is about an hour drive away

I’m not sure which of these airports are the furthest, it’s either Narita or Haneda. The drive from the one I went to was about an hour I think. I’m pretty sure it was Narita.

"Glasgow"Prestwick International to actual Glasgow city…around 40 miles.

Paris CDG is way too far from the main centers of Entertainment in Paris

When I lived in my previous city, I always had to commute to the nearest airport which was EDDM, which was about 45mins away.

oh and also “London” Southend (SEN)… still dont know why its called london southend but i think it takes around 45-50 mins to the outskirts of london

P.S im not even sure who southend is supposed to serve but i think its an alternative for gatwickish? i had a flight there to AMS so… it is a very wierd airport that

London Heathrow about three hours by car travelling at 70-80mph

3 hours? My family can normally do it in around an hour to Marble Arch

I thought Oslo Rygge was rather far

Never been to Oslo Rygge before.

I live in Bristol that’s why

KMCO is quite far out from london., its a good 10hrs by 777… 😉

Guarulhos in São Paulo. About an hour drive away from the center

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