What airport should my model airport be?

  • London Heathrow International Airport
  • John F Kennedy International Airport

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If I didn’t know I have a Gemini jets airport which is basically a model airport. And I have been wondering what airport should it be? That’s why I made this. I have two ideas for an airport but can’t decide. Those airports are John F Kennedy International Airport or London Heathrow International Airport.


@ JFK (John F Kennedy)
@LHR (London Heathrow)


Voting will close in about 24 hours and results will be posted on another topic.


Just make a poll.

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Vote please

I vote JFK but I think it will be easier to keep track of the results in a poll.

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I put one up can you see it?

No… might want to skip a line between [/poll] and the text after it.

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Ok vote please.

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I got it up. Take it down please it will only cause more confusion.

Sounds like a fun idea. Good luck😃

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I voted London Heathrow. Here is the thing, I think that a model aircraft collection should have variety! Yes, a theme is cool, but get the models that mean something to you.
I have over 25 model aircraft, and there is no theme to any of them. I have an Aeromexico ERJ-190 because I flew on one to Mexico one week after an intense knee surgery. I have a KLM 747 because it is the only 747 I’ve ever flown on. I have a UPS MD-11 because I saw one in Dallas when I was 9 and thought it was cool. Don’t shape your model airport around a real world airport and be limited to certain aircraft! Collect models based on yourself! Make your own airport! Have an Aeromexico ERJ and an Easyjet A320 all in one airport! It doesn’t matter as long as its yours.

Sorry for the essay. If you really want to make a themed airport by all means go ahead! I’m sure it will be awesome:) Kinda started writing and didn’t stop 😂

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What really inspired me to do JFK is jetBlue. That is my favorite airline. But LHR is busier and is a lot cheaper than JFK believe it or not. That is what made it hard for me to decide. Thank you for voting!

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I think u shld do JFK

  1. look at my username
  2. more runways
  3. more terminals
    (It only pays to do JFK if u can make/get good replicas bec in JFK no 2 terminals look the same
    (extra points if u add the TWA hotel)
  4. ur name is Jet blue (how can u not do JFK)

Thank you for voting!

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Hello everybody. I would like to thank you for voting and hope you have a great rest of your day!

Quick change of plans guys to vote will be closing in two minutes.

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We’ve got a winner.

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