What airport is this?

I saw this posted on the Dash 8 livery tracking thread and I was wondering, what airport is this?


Pretty sure it’s Chicago Meigs (KCGX)


Yea that’s Chicago Meigs, I think it’s closed IRL now though.

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Thank you @Samuel123abc and @IceBlue! Definitely need to try this airport!

Yeah, it doesn’t exist anymore.

It has been demolished and turned into a park IRL now, it’s a bizarre little delta.

It’s also where I had my first IFATC session :)


In infinite flight or real life?

In real life.


Why would someone do that? 😭😭

Because it was so small, and it was in the middle of a city so had lots of restrictions etc.

It’s a bit like London city in Chicago.

Yes I suppose so!

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CGX was closed because the mayor decided to close and build a park in it’s place. before they can do that, the lease expired in 1996 until 1997 when they re-opened the airport. It was then the mayor did something that should have never happened. He ordered Bulldozers to destroy the runway with big X’s. The mayor didn’t even give the FAA a notice about the demolition. This was done Sunday, March 30, 2003. Because of this, The Air Traffic Controllers had to divert planes that were incoming due to equipment in the runway. This also stranded a couple of aircraft that were on the ramp, and without a runway, the planes could not take off. Later the planes that were stranded later took off from the adjacent taxiway. It was then closed in 2008.


Flew my first ever flight sim from there! FSX had all their training flights based from here in a C172!

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Cus the mayor was a jerk and used 9/11 as an excuse to shut down an airport. It was a pretty big scandal. Airplanes were trapped and had to take off from taxi ways

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They did that in Cincinnati to with an airport called Blue Ash.

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