What Airport Is This?

Hello IFC,
Today I Was Flying An American Eagle Flight From KPIT To KCLT In A CRJ900. We Were Climbing And I Saw A Little Airport Near A River And Thought That Place Would Be Cool To Fly At In IF. I Have Been Searching And Haven’t Been Able To Find It. So I Am Here To Ask If Anyone Can Help.
Thanks For The Help,

Photo Of The Airport

Additional Info: The Flight Number Was American 5098

Also If This Topic Is In The Wrong Category Please Tell Me!


Continue the conversation here. Some people over there can help. 🙂

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Roger Thank You!

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Should I Delete This Topic?

What was the flight number for your flight?

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My guess would be HLG if it wasn’t too far from PIT.

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I’m Going To Continue This Conversation In The Topic Above - The Flight Number Is Above

Why do you put a capital letter at the beginning of every word?


How close was it to Pittsburgh? Could it have been the county airport? It’s right near the river

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My Phone Does That For Some Reason, I’ve Tried To Make It Stop Multiple Times

Cross-checked google maps. this is charleston WV (CRW)


This isn’t really a “guess the …” thread, I think it’s fine as is…


Thanks So Much For Your Help!


“BeCaUsE hE cAn If He ReAlLy WaNtS tO”

I don’t know how you guys type like that though. Took me 5 mins to type out an 8 word sentence. Required my brain to think too much

photo doesn’t fall in line with the whole spotting category