What airport is this? Window view from 757 Icelandic Airlines

My boss is on vacation in Norway. I asked him to text me what his plane was but forgot to ask which airport he was departing from. I want to mimick the flight in IF. It’s very likely a US airport.

All I have for airport is this photo:

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Do you have his flight info?

Can’t you just text him again? I’ll try to figure it out though.

That looks a lot like the tower in ORD…

All Icelandair flights from the U.S. have Keflavik International Airport (KEF/BIKF) in Iceland as their destination airport so he would have to be taking a connecting flight if his final destination was Norway.

Either way, his flight departed from one of the following airports:

Possible Airports


If you roughly knew his departure time, you could more easily figure out which of these airports it is.

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Yeah, I also think that is KORD.

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Hey thanks for that. I appreciate you taking the time to put that together. And between @metro comment, I think it may KORD.


I flew IcelandAir first class from Anchorage - London Heathrow, I’ve decided anytime I go to Europe I’m going with them, they’re an absolutely fantacstic airlines!

Have a safe/fun flight re-creation!

If he departed roughly 4 hours ago it looks like this might be his flight. In case you haven’t found it already.

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