What airport is this? Near EGLC

What is this runway? To the north of EGLC, London City. Is it the old London city?

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I believe so.

That’s runway is super small I almost didn’t see it

Its got another one above it.

I thought you meant the road. 😂


You aren’t alone XD

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According to Google Earth it’s the no longer used Central Railway Station.

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With a runway?

I don’t know. According to Wikipedia that’s a former train station that was almost completely destroyed during WWII.

Runway was proably for cargo ops during the war


This should’ve helped.

I googled and found it was used for Red Bull Air whateves

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So helpful, Dush

Thanks Harrison yw

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That classic LMGTFY ;)

it is just the road close to the water, I think it is used for trucks to go to the different buildings.

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