What Airport Do You Want In IF That Isn’t in IF

I have another airport in Montana that could use a rework
Helena Regonal Airport KHLN


are their some more?

i will start with this airport now

Thanks. I would Higly Highly appreciate it.

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In Texas Tyler and Waco

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BKPR IS ADDED TO INFINITE FLIGHT!! In the Next senery update you can fly on the airport! I would like to fly one time together on the airport!!! I sent the photo pf the airport later!
@Alboss @NeperQiell

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Amazing thank you!

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Great news ! I’d be glad to fly there with you. And once next update is released, I’ll definitely try to organize an event at BKPR.

Again, thanks a lot for your efforts and dedications. Really appreciate it !

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nice i would like if you say that i made the airport i realy would like that! here is a foto of the airport! i realy like the airport

are there more suggestions of airports?

No. The Carl Vinson or Gerald F. Ford. Those are the lead carriers of the Navy

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I haven’t heard of these airports before lol

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Call me nostalgic, but I would love to have Denver Stapleton Airport. Especially since we have the DC-10 and I love doing historic flights in IF.

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Oslo Fornebu Airport - ENFB

The airport opened back in 1939 and was closed in 1998, when Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM) became Oslo`s new main airport.


Photo by: http://www.airliners.net/user/larssoderstrom/profile/photos
Lars Søderstrøm

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Totally agree. An alrcraft carrier with arresting cables would be fantastic!

Barra in Scotland is the only one on a beach.


Nagpur Airport. Code: NAG/VANP. My home airport and there are just runways at the airport. No gates or aprons. there are two runways present at the airport when in real life there is only one runway.

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Nice I Will look

Isn’t this airport in IF?

Does someone know a little airport that I Can rework or make