What Airport Do You Want In IF That Isn’t in IF


i will make this airfield for you! i will start now


Wow ! Thanks a lot man ! I’m so grateful.


I’m now over 50%


Thank you so much for this @Martijn_Decates


I would really like to see some more airports in Montana, USA edited someday. KMSO, KBTM, and KBIL are all actually flown to quite often in IF, but unfortunately there are no taxiway details and you have to spawn in on the runway. Thanks for asking!


I don’t know if it is or isn’t on IF. But I would like to see Santa Catalina Airport (Airport in the sky) in IF.

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Seriously though, could you please make an Aircraft carrier? Doesn’t have to be realistic, just a strip in the middle of the ocean


Btw i’m doing a full rework! The aitport was realy bad!


I would like to see KHGR (Hagerstown) and KHEF (Manassas) reworked. These are my home GA airports.
Remove the hold short and run up pad spawn points, as on live they allow lots of trolls.
Add more spawn points, such as EAA chapter 186. There are a lot less spawn points in IF than there are IRL.
Add spawn points. Currently you have to spawn on the runway, which is a disaster at controlled airports on live. There are a lot of spawn points there IRL.
Fix the taxiways. They are very unrealistic.
My day would be a lot happier if these airports were reworked :)

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@Airbus_737 I waa thinking of creating that airport next week.Keep your eyes peeled 👀👀

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@Infinite_flight_A320 What airport? Looking forward to it :)

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How are you creating these airports? I use sketchup for fictional airport creation sometimes, can I get started In this and how?

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@Airbus_737 KHGR @KindaAngrySliceOfPie if you mean airport editing you can start here:


I have made the airport! Its now done. Now we have to wait for the anser of it’s good. I say it here when they accept the airport.

@Alboss @NeperQiell

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Looking great, appreciate it!

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KMKL. Mu hometown airport and with the ARC coming up I want to make an event but need at least the start airport complete.

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Nice AirPort i Will make this hope To see it in 1,5 months in IF


Ok. Thanks.

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I think maybe some retired or abandoned airports would be kind of cool.


parco archeologico di centcelle (search on google heart) it’s now closed but it was the first airport in Italy, built in 1902, it was an italian airforce base

runway is in concrete and it’s long 1148.

please add it

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