What Airport Do You Want In IF That Isn’t in IF


No many airports in IF are missing, the airport developers are well aware of that and are working on them. Every New Scenery update there are new airports


Floyd Bennett Field in New York, just southwest of Kennedy. I can never find an airport code for it though.


That’s a closed field.


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If I could have EVJA😁😉


LCEN ercan it’s in the TRNC (Turkish republic of north Cyprus) it wasn’t added in when global dropped so it’d be nice to see it there as it’s my original home airport before EGBB


does anyone have an airport in europe that he want?!?!?!?


I’m not sure if repeats are allowed, but EVJA?


Probably some smaller airports in Switzerland or Austria. Those countries are beautiful!


if you name the ICAO than I will look for you!!


I don’t know. How about you decide, since you’re doing all of the work here.


Scottsdale (KSDL) and Deer Valley (KDVT) need proper taxiways, ramp, and parking. Two of the busiest GA airports in the nation.


Yeah, but the airport is in IF, unlike the other airports requested


For sure… I was only mentioning it because I didn’t know if you had the ability to edit those.


Hello @LT_SLICE,

Someone is making this airport already!


good news, thanks! they both definitely need a little love


he is working since 28 december, so i asked him if he is working on it. and if he don’t working on it maybe i can edit it!


The USS Ronald Reagan.
Honestly, aircraft carriers would be AWESOME!


Can you Edit an AirPort?
For you can Edit Bergen (ENBR)👍


Prishtina airport (BKPR) has changed completely lately, and the version in IF is the old one with the old terminal (which still does exist in reality, but its only used for cargo now). So you could keeep the current layout, and just add the new terminal. it’s a small one.

I fly a lot to BKPR, so it would be great if you can edit it dude… Otherwise, I’ll try to find some time and join the airport team to do it myself someday.