What Airport Do You Want In IF That Isn’t in IF


Hello, I’m an airport editor.
I want to make some airports in Infinite Flight but I don’t know wich one I should make. If someone want an airport in IF that isn’t in IF? Than I can make the airport for you. I want only rework the airport for you!

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Oh your an airport editor?


Make sure to specify that includes only new airports not in the game earlier and are not reworking airports.

Otherwise you’ll have thousands of requests pouring in.


Oof, you’re going to get spammed hard.


Well are you going to edit Airport as well?


If you’re not already part of IFAET (infinite flight airport editing team) then I would strongly recommend you check out this thread.

If you’re making fictional airports, they cannot exist within IF… as they’re, uh, not real…

And as far as I’m aware, IFAET isn’t request based anyways 🤦🤷


Kirito is correct most of us don’t take request as if we do we will have request staked up to the ceiling


Yes but not big airports!


I would suggest a rework on the Airport VECC( though it was featured in last time FNF no one opened cause it has very less gates for some unknown reason where as in IRL there are many but they don’t show up when selecting gates and the international terminal is missing too.)
If you could do it I would be so happy…I guess only gates have to be added.


i will look for you.


Hey for your IF airport post, can u plz make KAVP.Its my hometown airport and a lot of my friends fly there. Thanks


Hey, make EPRJ, next to Rzeszow EPRZ. It’s the tiny school airport next to EPRZ.


North Korea actually has a second airport. Its called Wonsan Galma Airport and the IACO is ZKWS. It is a new airport which opened in 2013. Rocketman sure loves his planes.

Screenshot of Google Maps


Take a look at Eilat and Ovda airports, they are so bad.


Hmm…another person had this idea a few months ago and it completely backfired because everyone suggested their local airports.

I see the same thing is happening here. Not sure whether you’d want to keep this open - this’ll take you months and months to do.

Then again…up to you I guess


Editor’s discretion. Not encouraged or recommended though.


ib4 underground hangars and invisible runway at KXTA


Beijing Daxing International Airport, ZBAD. Which expected to be finish by June 30th and open on September 30th this year.


Actually, LCEN which is a decent sized airport is not included in IF


I would love to see ZWAT