What airport do you think has the largest diversity of airlines/aircraft?

What airport do you think has the largest diversity of airlines/aircraft?

Personally, I would think of some of the largest international airports such as Los Angeles, Heathrow, or maybe even Beijing.

Kinda’ a fun conversation I was having the other day so I thought I’d ask

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I would say for airlines (maybe aircraft, but I can’t fully say) is a quite surprising answer, and it would probably be Portland International (KPDX). The reason being is it’s Boeings paint facility. Or at least one of them.

We see a huge variety of airlines here. Not all officially operating with passengers, but we see them here. Practically all airlines that operate Boeing aircraft except some of the 787s and aircraft manufactured elsewhere have flown out of PDX.

For instance, I saw an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX the other day, a Norwegian 787, etc, etc.


Not Beijing, at least not now. Beijing have literally 15 international flights each day…


I might say KORD or KJFK. It’s probably LHR or something tho.

I forgot about KMIA.

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O’Hare for sure

Istanbul has to be up there


Huh, I hadn’t thought of that. Very interesting. I guess if you were to go off that, then yes, there’s a good chance.

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I’d think Davis-Monthan Air Base’s 309th AMARG, Mojave Air and Space Port or Pinal Airpark would have both the largest diversity of airlines and aircraft.

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DFW. just kidding every plane is American Airlines in all actuality DFW serves all sorts of stuff from PC-12 C208 and King Airs to the 777 747 and the British Airways A380 if you want a diverse spotting trip then just spend one day at DFW

Singapore Changi? Spot here and we get alot of variety of passenger airlines and cargo airlines same goes for aircraft we have both narrow body and wide body

Pinal easy, almost far and away compared to the other examples given.

Geneva have a lot private and gouvernement aircraft


I can safely say that Frankfurt are between the leaders on it…

Frankfurt → A319, A320, A321, A330 , A340 , A350 , A380
B737, B777 , B787 , B747 , B767 B757
E175 , E190 and E195

I’m with JFK. Though most airports are not as diverse with aircraft as they used to be.


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I’m from Portland too

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EGLL - EHAM (El Classico) 🚻

i think, maybe: KJFK, KLAX, EGLL

I too vote PDX

I am biased though

A319, A320, A321, A330, A220

B737, B747, B767, B787 (and then whatever Boeing sends over if I didn’t get them all)

CRJs, E175s, Q400s, ATR43

F-15C and KC-135


I may be forgetting some

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