What Airport do you control the most? and which is your Favorite?

What Airport do you open the most? and why do you open so much there?

On the EX server I control the most:

  • VHHH ( Hong Kong ): It’s my home airport and everytime it gets feature, I try and control the most there.
  • CYVR ( Vancouver ): It appears that when this airport is featured, I always control it. I like the runway layout a lot.
  • NZAA ( Auckland ): I love New Zealand in Infinite Flight, I think it has the best scenery in all of the game and controlling there means pilots will be able to see the superb view!

Personally I prefer VHHH just because it’s my home airport and I know how it works in real life.

These questions can be for IFATC and and Training Server controllers.


I really enjoyed NZWN today! Great scenery and a fun runway

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Personally, I would say CYYZ, as it has plenty of taxiways and runways, and inturn also my home airport. You’ll see me controlling there almost every day when it’s featured :)


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