What airport did you find the hardest to do?

What airport did you find the hardest to finish or just took ages to do?

It’s called Infinite Flight Airport Editing;IFAE is Infinite Flight Aviation Experts.

YBTL is taking me forever, mainly because I’m lazy at this current point. But it will get done.


Hey your back! @Mr_Jetstar

EPWA is taking me a while especially since it hasn’t been touched before.


Well, I’m not done with it yet, but definitely my hardest, MYNN -Lynden Plndling International (Nassau)
When Bing took its images, a great big cloud decided to sit over most of the airport. Thankfully, there was a little bit of the airport viewable so I could lay Google Images over the clouded parts.
It is a lengthy process. First, I had to take a screenshot of the entire airport on Google Earth, and match it up with the Bing imagery. Of course, taking this pic of the entire airport at a low zoom level, makes the screenshot blurry when zooming on it as a still picture. So, in order to see what I’m working with in regards to editing, I had to go through the entire airport, and zoom in to the highest level, and take screenshots of each little part of the airport. Then like a puzzle, I had to take every little clear screenshot, and lay it over the blurry Google Image, and make sure it was in the exact right place, image was sized down to correct size, and make sure all the squares were perfectly aligned next to each other, just like a puzzle, but more complicated. It was a lot of meticulous with my eyes hurting from being wide open for long periods of time…😉
I just finished this process, and now I can finally begin on the actual designing of the airport!
Remind me to never do an airport with clouds over it again… lol