What airplanes are mostly used for transatlantic flights?

United loves the 757 for TATL.

Yes but rarely. I see a lot of 767 & 777, maybe I don’t check a lot (FR24)

They’ve been cooling it the last couple of years with them due to increased traffic and the fact that they’ve had to stop to refuel easy to west in the winter more than a few times.

Usually the widebody aircraft, but I’ve seen A LOT of 757s and A321s flying transatlantic flights. I would obviously not survive in a 757 from EWR-OSL though.

A321 is actually pretty comfy even in economy as long as the seat pitch is 33" or above.

Yeah. I can agree on that

Airbus A318, lmao.

Air Canada A319 LHR-Halifax or St Johns

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