What airplanes are mostly used for transatlantic flights?

Like what airplanes are mostly used for transatlantic flights?


Primarily wide-bodies; a few single aisles here and there.


The ones I flew on were a A330-300 and 757-200. It’s mostly based on what airline you fly on, some airlines use different aircraft


757, 767, 777, 787.

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Usually: A330, A340, A380, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787.
Rarely: A350, A319, A318*, 737
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*(although BA uses the A318 for long haul from London to New York.)


Aircraft that have the range to not get wet and are ETOPS certified. 😉


I wasn’t aware of anyone else using the A318 for TATLs apart from BA. Also who uses A319s for TATL flights?

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West Jet used a 737-800 a few weeks ago for their St Johns to Gatwick/Heathrow Route (7 hours)

Air Canada uses them from St. John’s to Heathrow I’m pretty sure. But they’re in the rarely category so that’s fine

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I swear other some other Airlines do this as well (use a318 as TATL planes). Not many though.

I don’t think I can think of another airline using A318s for TATLs. The A318 is pretty rare anyway.

Still not sure who uses A319s for TATLs? I know about westjet and the 737.

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I think SAS might

No they use a 737 for their TATL flights.

The Neo and Max are supposedly going to be popular for TATL flights. The bean counters boast that with 15% better fuel economy the jets will be able to “just make it” from coast to coast. I don’t know about you guys but I’m not too interested in sitting 7+ hours in a narrow body, one aisle jet. Especially with the lack of leg room that these models come with.

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A318/319/330/340/350/380/ and B747/757/767/777/787 are the ones I get over my house on their way to the US

Same here, but it’s an interesting concept.

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Who flies the a319 for TATL flights?


SAS uses a 737-700 for CPH-BOS

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767 and 777 are really common. You may see an occasional 747 or 787, or even A330. Rarely a 757. Yeah but mostly 767 & 777