What airplane to fly

Hi everybody, I was just wondering what airplanes you guys enjoy flying, I can’t choose whether to fly the a320, a321, a330 or 787. I’d like to hear what you guys like!


I like using all of these planes except the A330. However i will definitely use the A330 a lot more once its been reworked


Personally, I love flying the A330 specifically because of the engine and wing view.

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I agree, I don’t really know how to fly the a330, but I will use it after the rework!

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I suggest the 787 as that just got gear tilt today, the r the a320 as that got a few new liveries

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I recommend the A320 and 787, also for Boeing I recommend the 777 and 757, fun aircraft

Thanks for the suggestions! I’m probably going to fly the a320 and the 787.

I like the C172 the most! In fact, it’s my most flown aircraft in the sim. It’s a nice small aircraft that helps you learn how to handle a plane.

Interesting; I shall try that C172 prop driven aircraft. Should you try the Cessna citation?
Well, it will redefine your own agility in crosswind.

F16 and C17 all day

FB-22 bomber should be Added because it’s stable at low speeds. And doesn’t have a high glide ratio so touchdown should be simple upon engaging the spoilers at full ARM


Make a topic about it and I will definitely vote

Fly all the planes that has been reworked like A320 family aircrafts 777, 757, A330 once it is done or A350. The are much more fun since they have live cockpits and cabins.

As one would say, fly to your heart’s desire.

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747-8, 757-200, 787, 777-200ER and 737-800 are pretty much the only planes I fly.

Use the A320 or lastly reworked aircrafts + A350 ^^

The A333 flies well as it is now (and will be wonderful once redone).
The A319 is my prefered aircraft hands down. Just loving it
The ATR72 will one day be the best Prop around IF 😉
My two cents…

I know it’s not on the list but the A319 is awesome and I recommend flying the A350 as well. But, out of the ones on your list, I’d go for the 787.

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