What airplane test should I conduct?

Hello IFC!

Well… as part of an internal event happening soon, this will be focused on aircraft testing. But first ideas! What are some specific tests (difficult and unique) you guys think? Let me know below!




Test this:
Go on the solo server, and get in a 767. Make it as light as possible, and take off with full thrust, and leave it at full thrust. Set your V/S to 100fpm, see how high you can get. I once got to 52,000 feet without stalling. lol


I’ll put that on my list!

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I just tried this

fly the a220 from KJFK-LFPG or london or something

also do an overnight flight with me sometime

Okay fine!

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Fly a reasonably rectangular shaped traffic pattern while inverted in an A380. Legs can be large due to likely gradual turns and elevated speed. Include an inverted descent on final approach but level off just before flare height to pass over and aligned with the runway.

(warning: Do not attempt on training or expert server unless flying down under.)


Sounds like a normal flight for us Aussies!


Make Lufthansa A380 come back to IF.

Go to Teruel airport ( Spain LETL) and “Train” Lufthansa A380 pilots to fly back with this king of the sky in 2023.

I suggest to make An touch and goes with the plane or making rectangular shaped traffic pattern above the Mediterranean sea or Atlantic ocean.

Hope i help you.

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