What Airlines flew the A380 in 2016?

Neat video on the Airlines that flew the A380. Some you will know:) (or most)

Not my video, credits to Plane Tube.
Which livery on the A380 do you like best?


I like Etihad livery the most for the A380. Nice and colourful


Etihad’s is my favourite livery, but Emirates is my fave airline.

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Qantas A380 by far! The king of the skies!


I did , flew her 6 times with Emirates !


With Lufthansa from Incheon to Frankfurt

says the Aussie Wombat xD lol

Don’t know why, but it seems like the fact that China Southern operates the A380 is always forgetten. Not a bad livery either.

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Agree, I do sometimes forget about it too 😅😂


Singapore Airlines is the best imho! It’s sad that they will retire the first A380 (9V-SKA) soon this year =/
Source : SIA’s instagram

I like the Emirates livery the most on the A380. Close call after that is Etihad. The BA and Korean Air ones just look ugly imo no hate.

Had no idea Thai had one! Oops

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The Singapore Airlines A380 is my favorite livery.

Emirates obviously for me!

Air France, nice and simple.

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