What airline would you like to try the most?

Hello eveyone!

I was wondering what airline would you like to try the most?
For me it’s definitely Singapore airlines because they’re supposed to have the best economy product. Apart from that I’d like to try really any long haul premium cabin.

What about you? I’d love to hear your thoughts


I would like to fly Ethiad or also Singapore and a Japanese Airline like JAL or ANA

Emirates 777 First class


Don’t we all 😉


Air Koryo :D

Other than that… probably Qatar’s in their QSuite, JetBlue with their A321 Mint Suites, or the Delta One Suites.

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I really want to try the mint suites too!

I flew on a Singapore a333. It the product was good, but not exceptional. I’ve heard the 777s on long haul flights are better since SA tends to be very generous with legroom and even removing a seat from each row in eco. The crew, inflight entertainment, and food was what really was set it apart. The food, though a light meal, was really good. Though not a Michelin starred meal, it was still better than others cough cough air canada serving expired instant noodles.

I just wanna try virgin atlantic and australia long haul economy, which is very roomy and the service is underrated. Obviously the new Singapore first class and etihad residence lol.

I would take a bullet for anyone who gives me an Emirates First Class on the KDFW-OMDB and back route.

As for a regular, normal flight - Any airline that’s not American or Southwest. Those are the only two airlines I can remember my experience of flying (I’ve flown Delta, but that was over 5 years ago).

  • Delta Air Lines 🇺🇸 (Delta One)
  • Qatar Airways 🇶🇦 (Qsuite)

I`d Just get the emirates 777 First Class for unlimited Cola refill…

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I would definitely like to try Virgin Atlantic in the future to London 👍🏽😁

  1. Hawaiian airlines 2. Virgin Atlantic 3. Jetblue

I would like to try British Airways or JAL. I don’t know a specific reason why, but those two just sound nice. Also, American, I’ve heard, can sometimes be good and sometimes be bad. That would be interesting.

Also, JetBlue.

I really wanted to fly virgin America but too late now 😥


I think some of Alaska’s aircraft still feature the Virgin America interior.


Emirates first class on the 777 😎

That’s never going to happen so realistically, the Virgin Atlantic 789 or upcoming 777X

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Well I’ve only flown in medium/short haul business/first. So, I’d like to try any long haul first/business class. ANA or LHA would be fun.

Virgin… Atlantic, right?

Cuz, realistically, Virgin America doesn’t exist anymore.

Oooops sorry my bad. That’s what I meant :)