What airline should I take to London?

my mom is going to london and paris with a few friends from lax and has offered me to meet her there when her friends leave. Shes going in june and wants me to meet her there mid-june. i think she wants me to land in london in june 15th. But, she thinks it’s too expensive for her to pay for me to go. Any suggestions on what i should say and what are the cheapest ways to get to london from klax.

Sorry about that @Chief305. Thanks for changing it for me!

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See here. Asks the same thing, really.

However, from LAX you now have UA as an option too.

Virgin use their Dreamliner for the route so that’s a good option.

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What is the return date? Prices will vary a lot.

june 30th or july 1st @UpgradeMe

right. I didn’t even see that post lol

$827 RT Virgin Atlantic nonstop, or $621 RT Air Canada one stop in Toronto. Are you flying on your own?

it would be flying alone there but with my mom coming back. And im a minor…

What age? Policies vary by airline and there are fees involved. Some don’t allow connecting flights. Do you have a valid passport?

alone there, with mom back

14 year old. I need to check policies

Probably Norwegian or WOW through Reykjavik


ill check those but i need to convince my mom to let me stop somewhere first lol


You should be able to fly alone without the production then. I flew solo at 13 and didn’t have a chaperone, you should be fine.


Just tell her it is cheaper, that might change your chances

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right. I’ve flown solo before. Her concern is a layover and price.

I believe that Norwegian flies straight LA to London though


i think they do go to lgw

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Your mother would have to be present at the airport to pick you up.