What airline should I setup an account with?

So I’m in London and am going to be joining a frequent flyer program. I will be flying long distance and short distance. What frequent flyer program are you in and what are the pros and cons. (Although I’m in London I could join a foreign one such as Cathay Pacifics because I could then book a BA flight through them. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


I would just to it direct with the airline you will fly. For example BA of you go anywhere else then you can use any other ai,rinse in the one world alliance but it makes sense to do it with the airline you fly the most

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I would have one with each airline you fly with.


I just joined all of them (main ones) tbh, no harm can come from it



I’m a frequent (too frequent) flyer and I get a lot of free business and first class flight upgrades for around £30 (due to the tariff change) - it’s really worth it.


Air France!

Klm, Qatar, Delta, Cathay Pacific. Those are my personal favourites! With cathay pacific there frequent flyer it’s Asia Miles!

BA! If you are also going to travel international, I would also get Air France, Cathay Pacific, and Qatar, which are all OneWorld Partners.

How do you do that?

Just get alliance membership, that is a thing right?

No it isn’t. You don’t join the alliance itself directly, you join an airline which is part of an alliance.

Hmmm, so it depends which airline you want, if you ask me I’d join KLM(Because they’re World Business Class looks awesome even though I live in Asia)

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