What airline should I fly?

Hello IFC,
When this is over and it’s safe to do so, I plan to go to New York with my family. For this, we have three airline choices, all on the A330-300:
Aer Lingus

So, can you tell me down below which is the best to fly on, specifically the A330-300 if possible. Thanks guys!

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Well…they retired their A330-300s

Delta has great A333’s

Oh… it could be a 787 then

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Ok, thanks! I’ll look into them

No problem!!

DUB/SNN-PHL will be 787-8, DUB-CLT/JFK will be 772… I’m assuming all DUB-JFK right?

Which class do you plan on flying in?

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DUB-JFK, and economy most likely

Alright, rule out American Airlines since it has a 3-4-3 configuration with their 772 while Delta and Aer Lingus are 2-4-2 on the A333s

Here’s a trip report of DUB-JFK on Aer Lingus:

Aer Lingus’ Eco Class:



Delta’s Eco Class:

(Image by TPG)

Both have a seat pitch of 31-32 inches, but according to SeatGuru, Delta’s Economy Class seats have an extra inch of width.

Personally, I’d go with Delta, but the trip report shows Aer Lingus having a solid product.


Ok, thanks! Can I just ask why not American, I can reserve the window seat

The economy class seats aren’t that great, especially on the 777 with the 3-4-3 configuration compared to Delta and Aer Lingus’ 2-4-2 config. One less person to go through to get into the aisle with the window seat.

But if you’d like a window seat and American can guarantee you one, go for it


Because American doesn’t fly Dublin to JFK, you’d have to make a stop In Charlotte or Philly


Oh shoot I forgot they dropped the route 2 years ago lol. Shifted it to DFW.

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No they haven’t retired the AA A330 they have justed stop all the routes due to the covid -19 issue

google it

Oops sorry haha

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It’s not terrible if you wanted to fly AA, you could fly into PHL which is only an hour and a half drive to NYC

The A330-300s are retired while the A330-200s are in long-term storage for a few years.

CLT/PHL-DUB which were both A330 routes will shift to the 777-200ER and 787-8 respectively.


well in DUB they are at LHR they aren’t.

Nah it’s fine

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PHL-LHR will be on the 787-8 before switching to the 777-200ER in October, if it resumes, and CLT-LHR will be on the 777-200ER upon resuming, both replacing the A330s.

@CaptainHugh Just a heads up, depending on “when this is over” there may be some aircraft shifting around on some routes. I think Aer Lingus is operating both the A330-200 and -300 right now on DUB-JFK?

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