What Airline Needs A New Name Or Name Change

Any Airline In The World Can Be Used.

I feel like southwest could use a new name, I like what it currently has but just curious.

Southwest Airlines to Southwest Airways

I think airways makes it sound like its from the 80’s, what about changing the southwest part?? Lets go crazy :P

Well they do use only 737’s

Spirit Airlines to -------------

Air Koryo to Air Jong Un.

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Kuwait Airways needs a new name this name has been used since 1970’s.

Air Force to Nick Chan


Nope, nope, nope. Don’t do it.

China Airlines should be changed to something like Taiwan Airlines. People get it mixed up with Air China often.


China Southern, Eastern and Western.

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AirBerlin to AirDusseldorf

COPA Airllines to TAISA Airlines
(TAISA = Transportes Aéreos del Istmo S.A.)


US Airways to American Airlines, Continental Airlines to United Airlines, Northwest Airways to Delta Airlines

Those are Airlines that merged, he’s asking Airlines that you think need new names.

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It was meant to be taken as a joke. I was not being serious.

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