What Airline is Really Good at Losing Bags?

I lost my bag with United last year on SFO to Hong Kong and never got it back

I can’t remember who the artist was but he made a song about united breaking his guitar.

Edit: I found the song


That and the fact that I have flown on them for 95% of all of my flights and they have only lost one thing on my family.

Their customer service is also amazing when a bag is lost and they are willing to compensate for everything lost.

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My suitcase got ran over when it was on the luggage truck and it was broken but British Airways got me a new suitcase in the next week

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Avoid United unless you want some, “Free airport exercise in the terminal. You can interact with so many of our kind courteous staff that will even direct you all the way across the country to find it. You don’t even have to get off the plane yourself, not with our complimentary dragging service.” 😂😂😂😂😂


My bag got pretty beat up when I flew Airfrance a few years back.

I’ve had great airline experiences with not losing bags, but I could tell you that LaGuardia Airport (LGA), gives you the biggest chance in losing a bag or item, trust me.

EasyJet. Every time we flew with EasyJet, they lost at least one of our bags or a car seat. NEVER AGAIN

I’ve never completely lost a bag, but when I flew HAM-LGW with easyJet a couple of months ago, I arrive a LGW, only to wait over an hour a the luggage carousel for my bag which never turne up. i went to the ‘Lost Baggage’ desk, only for them to tell me it had been loaded onto a carousel in the OTHER TERMINAL, as it had been mixed up with the baggage from a Lufthansa flight that had also done HAM-LGW around 25mins later.

Delta lost our luggage from KLAS - JFK… Ended up in Texas,

Only flown QF and SQ. Never lost a bag in my travels.

Never lost a bag but when I had to connect through Düsseldorf we had to wait at the baggage carousel for 1:30 to see if we had to take the with us, as at the start of the journey we asked them if we would have to collect them or if they’d be sent straight to the other plane and they said they weren’t sure so we’d have to go and check when we got there. Turns out they were sent straight to the other plane so we wasted almost 2 hours of our time waiting to see if 3 bags would come out of the carousel. Never fly sunexpress again.

Usually, whenever we go to India, some bags are lost, but returned- KLM, Air France, Jet Airways, etc. for some reason, Delhi airport is not very good with receiving bags.

The other time we lost bags was on a flight to Puerto Vallarta- we flew to Puerto Vallarta and our bags flew to Los Angeles.

Another time we lost bags was coming back home from Barcelona, when we had a layover in JFK (I hate layovers in JFK because you have to collect your bags and then re-check them before continuing to your connection), but this time, our bags never arrived in the baggage claim, and we had to run to our next flight, because our flight from Barcelona landed late. Then after we left, the international terminal’s baggage claim (where our bags were) flooded. About a week later, they were returned. This was the day of that huge blizzard in New York and we got out on the last flight to Minneapolis for several days.

I don’t pack insane amounts of items, so I can use a carry-on to sustain myself during a trip. My luggage has never been lost…

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Don’t know which airline was involved in this, but it’s pretty funny nevertheless

And yes, those are people’s bags and contents of their bags flying about

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The Worst one for bag loss is PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) and Emirates if you have a connecting flight. I have flown many times on emirates and 4 out of 10 times my luggage had gone either left behind or missing.

I’ve never had an issue with lost luggage. Although I have had the interesting situation of my luggage arriving ahead of myself to a connecting airport. And it wasn’t by choice either…

That all looks like Southwest equipment.

I could imagine it would be an interesting discussion with Southwest staff wondering why their bags didn’t show.

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Well whenever I fly I try to fly qantas
Whenever qantas don’t go somewhere, we have to fly Jetstar 😐 (something to do with my dad working for qantas and the qantas group or whatever)
Jetstar have lost our luggage twice
Once on the way to the Gold Coast, they lost my dads golf clubs (idk it got sent to another place in Australia, we collected it the next day)
And the second time, we were on our way from Honolulu back to Melbourne, and even though we checked in early, it still didn’t make it to the flight and got put on the next one (Could’ve had something to do with weight restrictions, we are usually the first to get offloaded as we are staff).
Long story short, our flight got in at 10pm, and we ended up coming all the way back to the airport the next day (about an hour and a quarter away from home)
So yeah, that’s my story. I am enjoying looking at the other ones on this thread 😅

So I’ve never had a bag lost, but Southwest ran over my suitcase with a luggage cart once. Luckily they offered us a replacement.

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