What airline has the most mediocre food

Since all I see is the best, and the worst thread(kinda getting old) back to back, I feel like the little guy in the middle gets left out.

So, yeah, mods feel free to close it if you wish :) or keep it open and see where it goes.

In all seriousness, the thread is joke :)



I wouldn’t really know as I’ve not travelled first class haha


Lol. Good one. Lol

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Ohhh Atlas Airlines… it’s not the best but it’s not the worst

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I sort of found easyjet to be ok.

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Air Canada

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The food on United Airlines is fine. It’s not Qatar Airways or Delta, but it’s pretty good.

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Probably the SouthWest peanuts they weren’t that good. Just kidding rip :(

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They give food?

Good to know

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Never been on them recently. Went on them in 2006 to Frankfurt and I agree

Heard Qatar, ethiad and Singapore was good

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Yep. I was genuinely surprised by the high quality of the food, having flown mostly North American Airlines.

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Yeah they weren’t. Stale half the time.

I mean, I know it’s a joke, but… you can do better \0/