What Airline has the Best Food?

What airline do you think has the best tasting food, and what is it? You can also include your favorite route for their food.

The best food I’ve ever had was on an American flight to Minnesota, (I think that’s where I was going) I had business class. Sorry if it’s a duplicate. I looked around and couldn’t find anything

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Ah, yes. The parody thread.


Anyways, here’s the best food I’ve had recently.

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First picture is ANA’s 767-300 Economy Class from HND-HKG. This was a red-eye flight with a 12:55 a.m. departure and a 4:25 a.m. arrival. Interestingly, they began meal service about an hour and 30 before arrival in HKG, probably to maximize sleep.

  • This was by far the BEST breakfast I’ve had on a plane. Those pancakes are innovative. Instead of having syrup poured all over the meal, the honey/syrup is packed inside of it. Potatoes and sausages were great. The egg was amazing. It had the great runny yolk.

The 3rd picture is on American Airlines in first class on the A321neo from Phoenix to Anchorage. It was probably my best meal in recent years. The beef short rib was insanely tender and juicy. The side dishes were great as well.

And the 2nd/4th pictures are American Airlines’ Japanese meals in business class from Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda. Beautiful presentation and it tasted pretty great.


Qatar Airways. Hands down.

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Condor Flugdienst makes some really fire pasta.

Southwest. Case closed.


Only ever airline I’ve flown on is Southwest so I’ve only eaten peanuts and pretzels in a plane.

Either Emirates or British airways. I like ba’s dinner and but I also kinda like emirates’ dinner, and breakfast too

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Southwest… R.I.P peanuts 😥

Qatar Airways food…

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