What airline do you think is just so underrated?

Hi all,

So I just thought of this question in my mind:
What is an airline that you think is just so underappreciated and unknown but amazing?

Mine would probably be Syphax Airlines… It got ravaged by dropping tourism in Tunisia and flew as far as Montréal in Canada…

What’s yours?

I’m quite curious to see your responses.

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People crap on them so much, but I can fly them to the west cost r/t sometimes for the price of a single tank of gas!


All the Japanese Airlines other than ANA and JAL. (Ex:Solaseed, Japan, Air Do, Skymark, Fuji Dream Airlines)
I’ve only been on Solaseed but based on other reviews, these airlines get decent ratings.


Vueling. It gets a bad rap, but I think it’s quite good value.

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I have to agree with that. Peach Aviation and Fuji Dream Airlines are just unknown but look cool.

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American, when you really look at it they have more flights/planes with AA Eagle combined that really they dont have as many accidents as people think.

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I feel as if the US3 are typically bashed for so many things and they’re being stereotyped, especially American. I’ve had so many fantastic experiences in both Economy and the premium classes.

I was gonna say now that Allegiant has gotten their act together. No one will give them the time of day anymore. They have gotten dramatically better in the past 1-2 years. Still the underdog.

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I think Aeroflot is underrated because, politics


Cathay Pacific


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‘Nuff said

jk lol Southwest is very well known :)


With those airlines you could get to point A to B for a very small amount of money, so honestly I don’t know why people expect so much out of them, just appreciate the price 😆

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Aeroflot is constantly at the top of SkyTrax ratings. I wouldn’t say it’s underrated, just not the most prominent in the IFC.

Oh is it? That’s good

Central Mountain Air!

Air Canada

Has amazing fleet but it’s really underrated!


United… while it’s very well-known, I believe it is underrated. Many people don’t like it and I’m sure a lot of those people haven’t even flown them because of what happened when a flight was overbooked a couple of years ago…

But, they’re a great airline when it comes to service, their hard product, and their planes. They have new-ish aircraft such as the 787, they have refurbished 777s and 767s, and they have ordered the A350. Their new business class is amazing, and Premium Plus is too on their 777s! I’ve never had a problem with service on any of my flights with them either (and I fly them a lot)


Alitalia in Long haul Business Class


LOT Polish Airlines definitely. I’ve flown them twice in the period of 2018 and 2019 and I can confirm they have a better product than BA. Free tea and coffee and 25% off for kids tickets and 90% off for infant tickets. I in-fact like them so much I bought a ticket back to the UK with them on Christmas because they had a promotion and I love their service.


Honestly back last year when I went to FSE 2018 on the way back I flew in Spirit and it was actually better than I thought. All the negative talk about them made me prepared for an awful flight but it was way better than what I expected. Now I’m not saying it’s a great airline but it got me to where I need to be safely. An airline that can get their passengers to their destination is a good airline. :)

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