What airline do you most commonly fly in IF

Inspired by @Wren_Jago. I do generic, air Canada. Rouge, American, Qatar, or jet blue

Propably Norwegian, Scoot and Delta. (I fount the beaty of Delta like few days ago.)

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United, KLM, and American. I will be flying the 787-9 non stop when the hot fix comes out :)

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United, American, TUI and jetBlue. And the A318 ACJ.

British Airways, Brotish Airways, British Airways, British Airways, British Airways an guess what British Airways

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Delta Alaksa mostly fedex and ups here and there

united korean american fedex

Cathay and Etihad. Maybe Qatar ANA and American

BA and Etihad, Scoot on the 789.

Qatar mostly but also Azerbaijan, American, JetStar in that order

It depends on the region that I am flying in. For example, in the Amsterdam region, I usually fly Lufthansa or the AirBerlin livery.


Jetstar because I’m in Qantas VA

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Delta, Tap, Aeroflot, and Aeromexico

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I’m not sure if this is a duplicate, it’s a month old.

Might be, if so, I’m ready for it to be closed

I think American or Delta

Definitely American Airlines. Specifically the A320/A321.

I usually fly region specific

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Iberia and Air Europa

SAS, Norwegian, AA, and Delta

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