What Airline do you fly

I really like it as well I cant wait to hear thr ew sound and doors that’s gonna open .im wondering when the update is coming😊

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KLAX is fun I like busy airports.

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Hmmm… we tend to fly BA quite a bit! No particular reason, I guess ;)

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I fly Southwest. Literally everyone at my school is like “Southwest is the best”

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Qantas all the time

I use almost every livery, but I fly more with United and Avianca

Thank you for the feedback I was just wondering I am already a grade 4 Pilot but do I still have to work myself up in you’re VA airline rank im interested.

That’s awesome South West has nice routes in the US tho.

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What’s your fav qantas aircraft.

A330 because I fly with them internationally all the time and also the B789, I sometimes fly BA from Sydney to Singapore and then with Jetstar Asia to Thailand

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Based on moods😄 any airline and aircraft, at least im enjoyed with what i use

Thats awesome tho DO you enjoy long haul or short haul flights😊

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we have the B748 and a few other codeshare aircraft.

I normally fly with American Virtual, Delta Virtual, and Southwest Virtual with all their codeshares as well, so I get to fly on a good amount of the major airlines. Sometimes I fly other airlines as well :)

WestJet, all day; every day.

Everything possible
United 737-800
United 787-9
Virgin A320
All Air Canada
And everything else lol

I fly mostly with my own pending VO called Trans Russian Virtual Group. I fly around Russia a lot. Exploring Siberia

Ohhhh nice its good to.be part of a lot of VAs it gives you lot of aircraft and airline options and routes aswell.

Do you enjoy the 737 or 767 in they’re liveries