What Airline do you fly

Ohhh I see wil joining the VA make you’re game slower if I play through a VA sorry its I’ve never tried it but want to.

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That’s a very luxurious aircraft to fly and has a smooth flight to fly.

No not at all. I runs just the same

Anything really. I do quite frequently get bored though of the big names. I thus occasionally fly more underrepresented liveries such as Xiamen, Royal Jordanian, Azerbaijan, etc.

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Ohhh I see so they only work on ranks in the VA not according to the ranks like hours you have on the game.

yes thats the way it works

CRJ-700 American Eagle/delta, A320 frontier/ allegiant, and 767/777 for long haul

Its good tho its good to fly different liveries and explore other option airlines I usually do that when I plan travels on IF then fly other airlines.

I started learning to fly the 777 I started getting use to its decent because its quite a fast one comeing in for landings.

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Most of the time im flying 747-8 domestically and internationally for GAT, but sometimes you can catch me in an AA 757.

Usually Air Canada

I love flying the Delta B737-900❤️

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Witch aircraft you enjoy flying😊

Ohhh nice switch you’re favorite USA routes.

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I love the 787-9

The a321 and b772 mainly American airlines

A very luxurious aircraft to fly and fun.

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And how do you find the 777-200 I fly BA 777-200

Itll be amazing when the update comes out, but its my favourite aircraft

I like flying KATL to KLAX or Vice versa 😄