What Airline do you fly

Narrowbody: mix of out and back day trips from my base, and 3-5 day longer trips
Widebody: multiple day 2 leg trips mostly

I just pick whatever route that I want to fly from my hub of KATL and I fly it. No permission is needed to fly. Also there are rankings which can limit what routes you can do

@Rand1. MaxSez: “What Airline”! I rarely fly a bus, people mover, Trash Hauler! I fly for pleasure not for profit and rarely push buttons or depend on a machine to do the flying for me. So Called “Sim Captains” are an oxymoron!

“Remember it’s the Man and never the Machine”

Airlines are called “Trash Haulers” for a reason. We few refer to airline and airline crews as Dustman,Refuge Collecters, Garbageman when in mixed company.
Ask yourself why? What say you?


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Usually Aer Lingus, sometimes Ryanair, sometimes BA, very occasionally other things.

I usally fly the A350 every chance I get as I aspire to pilot that beautiful aircraft. If no A350 route is avalible then I will fly the A320/A321

Also, you can join BAVA here. You can fly any route/aircraft within your rank, no schedule needed. I’m an ex member.

Do they rank you according to you’re grade do you only change you’re call sign.

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As said before, I’d recommend having a browse through the IFVARB Database and see what VA’s look good and catch your eye. I would definitely suggest going for an airline you love, and will enjoy flying for (for example, BAVA)

No, usually they rank you by hours flown for the VA

Yes, they will give you a callsign to use for all your flights flown for the VA!

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In most VAs, and I believe this is how BAVA works, you rank up according to the amount of hours you file with that VA.

Well I beleive you have to be grade 3 to join. Then provided you can pass a relatively easy entrance test you can fly all routes with the A319, E190 and some codeshare aircraft. Read the thread for more info.

So I would highly recommend joining a VA. It brings so much more to Infinite flight and it definitely can make you a better pilot!

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Yeah I was such a noob before I joined VAs, they’ve made me into a realistic pilot.

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Yeah I always flew on the TS and did horrible approaches. Then I joined DLVA now im grade 5, a senior captain and have over a 1100 hours :) @CaptainHugh

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Yeah haha I’m grade 4, use Simbrief from one waypoint FPLs, in IPP… they enhance realism 100%. Let’s not get off topic though

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i mostly fly Lufthansa, KLM, BA (Shuttle too sometimes), Delta, Alaska & IF

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Are you also part of a VA does lots of people join VAs.

i’m part of IFGAC

Yes of course, every VA has their own community! Some VA’s are bigger than others though - but you can usually find out their amount of pilots on their info page!

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theres a good number of people that join VAs. You can find them on IFVARB.com. Our VA currently has about 175 pilots that all go through A pilot academy and a written test, but not every VA has their pilots do that

I’ve been flying the a350 with Carbon livery great plane to fly