What Airline do you fly

If you love flying British Airways Id recommend joining BAVA (British airways Virtual airline). I personally only do delta because I fly for delta virtual

Considering I’m not in a VA, I’ll fly whatever has live instruments. Much easier to work with than older planes.


easyJet A319/320/21 out of Gatwick as I am a part of EZYVA. I also fly the SWA 737 for for SWVA.
So you fly BA main,y? Have you considered joining BAVA, British Airways Virtual Airline? I think VAs are great fun to be a part of so was wondering maybe you would be interested in joining them.

to avoid confusion, this isn’t advertisment. I’m not a part of BAVA.


Thank you so much I want to join BA VA but do you getba full schedule from them to fly.

I.really want to.but im just scared I cant fly whenever I want to but how does VA schedules usualy work.

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they have route databases and you can fly whenever you want. At least thats the way mine works

I can’t speak for BAVA but most don’t have schedules for pilots. Most just allow you to fly when you want and just file your flight times.

For VA you only have to fly on.expert server can you fly in Training server to.

That depends on the VA.

How does Delta give you’re scedule how many times a week do you fly with Deltas VA.

Most tend to only allow grade 3’s in (at a minimum) therefore, only allowing flights on Expert… obviously this may not apply for all but for the majority I have been in that is the case

Have you flown with a few VAs.

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I fly the airline that flies the real life routes. Usually don’t have a preference. (maybe Emirates). But then Emriates dosen’t fly domestic, and I like flying in USA, with many options to choose from

Thats so cool to cool tho you.must try United they have a wide range in the USA or American.

United, Delta, American, JetBlue, Frontier, Spirit, Southwest, Alaska… so many options

I have been part of quite a few in total, but try to keep it quite low now to share commitment equally

Last 8 months at DLVA have been 1 month on the CRJ, 5 weeks on the 75/767, 6 months on the A330, and now I’m on the A319/21 for the month of May

I average about 8 flights per week with my VA

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Ohhh wow so how does a VAs scedule table look like for a Pilot.

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Do you have to say when you want to fly or do they give you a schedule and you have to work around that.