What airline do you fly with IRL?

Just a random question. Thanks!

Mine is BA😄

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Copa Airlines out of PTY (sometimes American, United or Delta too).

Usually with FlyBe, out of MAN or BHX

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Depends who’s cheaper but usually BA/AA from either LHR/MAN to the US

For short haul flights Ryanair and Aer Lingus most of the time depending on which is cheaper. Maybe if it’s substantially cheaper EasyJet. For long haul flights it depends.

LATAM (LAN because I haven’t been in a LATAM plane yet) out of SCL, mostly to EZE or AEP.
Most of the time in an A320

I fly LOT CYYZ-EPWA quite a bit

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I fly CX YVR-HKG the most. Second is prob Etihad AUH-JFK

Aerlingus and ryanair from dublin to berlin but mostly ryanair…

Delta out of KBOS.

Out of Atlanta

Well there are many replies I’ve said that I non rev on United. That’s the airline I’ve flown for my whole life. All out of LAX hommie.

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Delta recently.

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Avianca airlines all the way

American or JetBlue from KBOS.

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Lufthansa all the way :)

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US Airwa…err…The “new” American out of PHX.