What airline do you fly most often?

Mine is Delta or American Airlines. What is yours?


British Airways because I just love the 787-10 livery

No, in real life not infinite flight

My bad well the same because all my family are staff there and I’m planning on flying for them

Oh haha! That’s cool

Yeah it’s pretty fun my favourite budget one is JetBlue and I can’t bear united I hate them

United is bad

I don’t fly JetBlue often but it is really good

When you have no choice over airlines… I’ll list the most frequent ones

  • Lion Air(8)

  • Citilink(3)

  • Garuda Indonesia(3)

  • Swirijaya Air(2)

  • Batik Air(1)

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Cool! I have never flown on those airlines

4 of them are LCCs Garuda is 5 star, Indonesian airlines.

United because I have 1K and get free first class upgrades when available, extra baggage, lounge access, in flight wifi, star alliance gold, free meals on domestic flights, and a bunch of other stuff. 1K is the highest up on their rewards program other than global services, and it’s awesome. I used to always fly continental but they merged with United.


Smartwings ;)

JetBlue! Really good service!

Definitely, they are the best

Aer Lingus and JetBlue

Best! I have always wanted to fly BA

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United Airlines

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Do you live in Houston or New Jersey

WestJet or American