What airline credit card should I get?

American or southwest? I live in the DFW area and there based out of DAL and DFW.

Southwest because its cheaper

I agree! Southwest is nice to fly when domestic

I was going to get the delta skymiles one because everyone in my family has it but not everyone accepts American Express and I’m in high school. So I got capital one from venture. It’s visa and I’m pretty sure it’s the one travelocity uses. So technically it’s an airline one. I recommend not getting the delta one unless you have a Visa card somewhere for the places that don’t accept others.

Ik it off topic a bit but people might ask this and good just to clear it

But get southwest you can fly a lot of places and chepaer

Thank you for the info

Of these two, get southwest. Otherwise you should ge United MileagePlus.

If you’re price sensitive, definitely Southwest. They offer very competitive prices for good service.

If you don’t like their boarding process, would like a wider variety of destinations, or would like to fly on something other than a 737, American is the way to go

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Southwest has a great rewards program and has been recognized multiple times for their offers. Their chase credit card stars you off with 50k miles and that’s just the beginning. If you go to southwest rapid rewards, they have endless partners that you can earn points through.

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I travel alot for work and I stopped using my American and Southwest card and use the Capital One venture card. There are no restrictions on travel. When you get your statement if there are any travel expenses such as hotels or flights, you can apply points to over it. Plain and simple. No blackout dates, no seat restrictions. The points are much more standard so 10000 points is 100 bucks worth. But every purchase is either double or triple depending on what type it is. I have been pleased by it so far.

I pay majority of the household bills with it every month and pay it off. Same as writing checks to people but I at least get miles.

You can redeem for cash if you want the ratio is low.

Also being a Southwest member almost guarantees you boarding with A group. And their rewards points go a lot farther since it takes less points to redeem a flight. The only downside is you are limited in respect to international travel. If you travel internationally often American would be the wiser choice.

You also need to consider fees. Booking with certain cards may skip the luggage fees if you have some.

For American CC holders your first checked bag is free. Still less than Southwest and it wouldn’t help on international flights as all international flights have 2 free checked luggage under 23kg

Yeah but then you are trapped into only flying southwest. Really can screw up your schedule. Just stick with a cash rewards card.

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