What Aircraft You Should Choose In Flight School

Please Note: All Images and links go to their rightful owners! I do not own any of the content below besides my own personal opinions! The Aircrafts I have selected are basic standard one engine aircrafts that are commonly trained by flight schools! Any other aircraft that I have missed? Make sure to put down below and their specific reason for being the best choice! Without further ado, enjoy the topic! Wait!!! There’s one more thing: If this category is put in the wrong section, please fix it or notify a moderator! Thanks and enjoy my thoughts

Why You Should Listen To This 15 Year Old: I am not saying you have to! It is an open minded questions that even I still do not know yet! I am still learning the fundamentals of Flight, Aerospace, and Flight Engineering and will be going to ground school in a year! I just happen to know a few things about single engine aircrafts :)

What Do I Have To Pass In Order To Become A Pilot: This is a common question but the 4 things my instructors told me was your ELA, Math, Physics, and your Eyesight! For me, I almost failed getting in because I am an asthmatic (Please Remember that these are just 4 things that are common not meaning you have to pass them)

  • What Aircraft I Recommend: I do not recommend any of these! For me most likely I will be in the Cessna 172 but only for school - related training purposes!If I were in a real flight school with top payed instructors , I wouldn’t choose Cessna, I would have to go with the Cirrus SR-20 :)

Why I Am Only Giving Out Simple Facts: Well, the rest is on you to decide. As you read, I will just read off some simple facts about the aircrafts! The rest is on you to decide what relies on your future! Whether it be flight school, CAP, or Airforce, these aircrafts can set you up

Cessna 172 Skyhawk:


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  • What is the Cessna 172:
    The Cessna 172 in my words, is a one engine high wing flex aircraft that serves as a four seater! The aircraft is commonly used in most Flight Training Schools! It is great for Instrument Training and fly from any FBO in the world!

  • What Can I Learn From It: Well! Many flight schools offer different types of techniques and training but I believe what you can learn out of the Cessna is the basic fundamentals of hands on and off aircraft training, basic flight patterns, you will learn a lot of physics, and the most you can gain from this aircraft is knowledge! Since the Cessna is one of the more highly used aircrafts on the market today, flight time will be a breeze and you will learn alot more about the key term “flight”

  • Why Should I Choose This Aircraft: Overall the Cessna is a great choice of specific options because it trains you for the next level! After you achieve your PPL, and your Instruments License, and you’re getting ready for your CPL, your flight time, and your level of basic knowledge of the aircraft rules and flight will matter! (Told from my “professor” who works the ground school program)

  • The Downsides Of The Cessna 172: Although there is a lot of thought going into your decision already, lets take a break from that dream and wake up to reality! The money for one… Hows it going to do well for you if you do not have the money to pay for flight school (could range from $4,000 -$15000) in 3 years! Also, what about your flight school! If you live in a place where there is no local flight school nearby, you cannot just go to another state or town and learn there (thats where more money takes place) Lets not even talk about, the sacrifice! If you are a grown adult and flying 2-3 times a week, with a family as well, imagine the time you are wasting already! These are all things to take into consideration

My Review On The Cessna: Overall, the aircraft does its job and that’s all that matters. The instructor is more important than the aircraft so that means not what you can learn from flying but what your instructor tells you about flying! Getting back on topic, the one engine four seater aircraft definitely has a future for young pilots and I can’t wait to see what it is

    Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft Company

Piper PA-28 Cherokee:


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What is the Piper Cherokee: The Piper Cherokee is the 2nd most commonly flown aircraft for flight training any pilots have spent their formative flight hours in the four-seat Piper Cherokee or its successor, the Warrior. While Cherokees are less common within the training fleet today, Piper Warriors can be found at many flight schools. Warriors are also very common instrument training aircraft as well as a popular aircraft to rent. Cherokees and Warriors are two of the most common private aircraft, second in numbers only to the Cessna 172.

What can I learn from it: You can learn different types of techniques your aircraft can handle and you can learn just as much as the Cessna 172! As said above, it is the instructor who is more important! You can also learn the history of the Piper like when it was established,its first flight (14, January 1960), and what the horsepower this baby can do for you! You can also learn different fundamentals of the aircraft like flares, ILS, and more complex instrument systems. This aircraft also strives to compete with Cessna

Why Should I Choose This Aircraft: For one, the price to buy one of these are way cheaper then a Cessna. Also when going to flight school, since SO many flight schools carry many Cessna’s, they also are on high stock of Piper Cherokee’s. The aircraft is more on a budget type then the Cessna and the aircraft’s performance is like any other aircrafts!

Downsides of the Piper Cherokee: Again, although there are many unique and obvious features to the Piper, the aircraft instructor will be hard to find! Most instructors will be mostly hard to find cessna is dominating the competition! Also is the Piper Cherokee the right aircraft for you, During flight school, you can’t just quit! If you quit, you’re throwing your own money (or someone else’s money) and your wasting your time. Many pilots have to fully commit to the aircraft

My Review on the Piper Cherokee: Overall, good looking aircraft but I do not like the wing flex! The wings are awfully to low and it would be a terrible view out the window! Great aircraft again for Flight Training and as long as it gets the job done, Im satisfied

Manufacturer: Piper Aircraft

Cirrus SR20:


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What is the Cirrus SR-20: It is an American One Engine Piston, four seater power house that comes with a parachute? You heard me right a parachute! This aircraft is also used in many flight schools in the United States and other places in the world and is most certainly FAA Approved!

What can I learn from it: Well this aircraft, is by far one of the more technological and more complex aircraft to work with so , there is a lot to think about. The cirrus is a little more comfortable though with speed, comfort,and modern features such as composite construction! This aircraft is more of the modern day Cessna that most pilots want the most

Why Should I Choose This Aircraft: Well for me, I would most definitely choose it! Think about it! The Cirrus has a more advanced instrument system and has a terrain warning built inside. Lets not forget about the Cirruses EVS! The aircraft is very modern and will do well in certain flight trainings like ILS landings, cruise speed, altitude cruise, terrain warning, parachutes, etc. The systems aboard the Cirrus are far more complex then your average Cessna and this aircraft will overtake the company soon!

Downsides of the Cirrus Sr-20: With all this new technology aboard the aircraft, comes great responsibility and money. You have to make sure the aircraft is in clean working shape and have to get check ups ran up every month! Also the cost to keep this in your backyard can cost ya way more then a Cessna. Also the amount of Fuel! The Cirrus can burn 32 gallons / 214 pounds during climb, At FL280, the Vision pilot can choose maximum continuous thrust cruise at 300 ktas burning 69 gph/462 pph, so fuel consumption plays another role!

My Review On The Cirrus SR-20: The AIrcraft is great for modern day training and can give us really good feedback when learning off it! The aircraft has a wide spread of special mechanics and instruments that will further more help a private pilot earn his / her corporate and captain’s license!

Manufacturer: Cirrus Aircraft

So what are you planning on flying: If going into Flight School! Can’t wait to hear your response!


My Requested Aircraft: The Cirrus SR-20

My Flight School: Rancho High School - Aviation

Current Goal In Flight School Eventually: Graduate from ground school and pass my FAA Knowledge Test :)


Now this is helpful information! Glad you can share it with us, and I’ll be sure to take this as some advice for myself.

I want to go to a flight school that lets me fly Emirates A380’s all day, they probably want to get rid of them.

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In my opinion, I think it’s crazy that someone would choose to start their flight training in a Cirrus. Stick to a more basic aircraft like a 172 or 152 instead of jumping straight into an aircraft with an all glass panel and complex layout. Plus i don’t know anyone who would want to go up or ever will need to go to FL280 during their PPL training.


Ye, that was more like for fuel purposes not necessarily Flight training but I get your point!

Also with the parachute, I’ve heard stories that pilots tend to feel “safer” and have a tendency to take greater risks flying in poor weather that they wouldn’t take in other aircraft like a 172. Even though the plane has a parachute, there’s no garuntee it will work and there’s no garuntee you’ll have time to open it in case of an emergency especially if you’re in poor weather. Just something to keep in mind. I would recommend doing some background safety research on the sr20 and how other students like it before you commit.

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Very much informative with appreciable detail. Thank you and best wishes, sir.


@Ryan_Vidad So in it you mentioned “good eyesight” what if you wear contacts, will they let you do that or do you have to take them out? Cause my eyesight is not too good without them.

Contacts are good, I got back to my teacher, but in order to actually fly, you have to pass some sort of eye evaluation, ill look more into it further

I would recomend the 172 because i have heard of 3 instances where a pilot got dis-oreinted in a cloud pulled the chute and totaled the plane and if they just stuck to the plane they could have not wasted 600k. Also as a new pilot you need to learn the basic “six pack” and most cirrus’s arent going to have. Congrats on getting this great oppurtunity.


Thanks! I most likely recommend the Cessna but, the Cirrus would be good edition to Private Piloting after you learn the basics of flight and engineering. That aircraft was just for people who wan’t to take private piloting to a whole new level!

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