What aircraft would you want for cargo companies to bring back the most and what company?

I personally think I want fedex to bring back the 727s and I would go work for them or at least try to instead of going for southwest like I plan. Post pelow what you think should be brought back as far as cargo wise and for what cargo airline.

Hey great topic!
Unfortunately as a TL1 you’re unable post in Real World Aviation you need be a TL2!
Keep commenting on things, liking and reading different things and you’ll be there in no time!


Is there a reason the forum software can’t stop someone from posting where they aren’t allowed yet? What’s the harm here anyway?

And this copy and paste blurb makes my stomach churn. It is so belittling.

“In no time”, huh? He joined the IFC in 2016. Give me a break!


Education of the rules isn’t belittling what so ever. I personally like this, Unfortunately according to IFC rules and policies as a TL1 member they’re very limited on what they may and may not post.

It took me a week to get to a trust member level 2. That’s just how the rules are on IFC, to play on IFC you gotta follow their rules, even if you disagree with it.


The community has guidelines for users to level up and everyone levels up at their own pace. Topics like these are what the IFC implemented categories such as #features or #real-world-aviation for in which in this case the user posting the original topic cannot make post in RWA or make a feature request yet but can participate in discussions in similar threads. I believe you misread the intent from Mark. There was nothing belittling in their rather encouragement and enlightenment. I suggest that you have a civil discussion with Mark in a PM.

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