What aircraft type u think is gonna be next?

A32O family rework sound and add more liveries
Rework the A330-300 and add the A330-200
Add the A350-1000
Rework the A340-600 and add the other variants
A380 rework
717 rework
Add the 727 and all its variants
737 family small rework on sound and liveries
747 family rework and add the 747-400F
757-200 rework and add the 757-300
767-300 rework and add the 767-400 and 767F
787 family rework
ERJ major rework and add the E145LR & E145XR
CRJ Family rework and liveries

A333 and F 100%

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Also this doesn’t seem like asking more like demanding

Hi there!

Take a look in #features to put a vote to the aircraft you’d want to see the most. Hopefully all of your wishes can be met soon™️

Maybe a community choice, maybe a friendly surprise by the developers. Who knows until the time comes!


Please refer to #features to discuss individual requests.