What aircraft that you have flown on do you hate the most?

Any aircraft that YOU have flown on, preferably still in commercial service. I know mine is definitely the CRJ700, it’s small, cramped, and wifi is clunky.
Also, don’t forget to describe why it’s bad!


Fokker 100! Yes, it’s real.


Why is it bad?

Atr 42 small space for legs and Motors are very loud

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Never been on one but sounds terrible.

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Boeing 737. Even E-190 is better. (Might be that as I was flying with a LCC) -700 is the worst. Its so cramped and loud. Just my opinion, please don’t kill me.


I don’t hate the 737, but I took a United 737-800 from Orlando to California. It was very cramped and uncomfortable. It may have been because I hadn’t flown a plane in a while, but it was uncomfortable. Luckily I took a 737-900 back. Wasn’t as cramped…


Embraer ERJ 145. British Airways used them for short haul… I had the “pleasure” of going to Manchester and back on these horrid things a few times.
I loathe it. Cramped, smelly, tacky, felt like it was going to fall to bits on landing.
If I could choose between a 9 hour drive and a ride on a 145, I’d drive. Actually I’d rather walk.


That’s a very long drive…
From where to where?

Totally hate that aircraft where the kid in the seat behind you is constantly banging on the seat. 😙


Hmm, if have to say bulkhead seats on a 737. Those sucked. Okay legroom and awful seat width.

Any KLM 737. Very cramped legroom (not surprising because KLM is just plane bad).

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Southampton to Inverness in the UK. About 600 miles.

It is very loud

ERJ 175 wasn’t very good to be honest. Loud and kind of uncomfortable

Dash 8. Yes, I said it, Dash-8.

Not a fan of the CRJ-700.

Wifi is clunky?
Uh…not all planes have wifi.


In all honesty I don’t like the B787 much I seem to prefer the olde regeneration of aircraft. I blame Qatar for this

Even the ones that do have it aren’t great. It’s practically impossible to have good internet on a plane.

First world stuff.