What aircraft should I purchase?

Soon I will purchase one aircraft, could somebody recommend which? I already have 777-300ER, A340-600, ERJ-195.

So here are the aircraft:

  • A330-300
  • 737-800
  • 737-900
  • 747-200
  • 747-8
  • 757-200
  • 767-300

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Please give reasons from personal experience, thanks.

747-8 is the best

Could I please ask why?

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It handels the best and looks the coolest

The B748 has the best cockpit, and has a decent flight model.

I was going to say 777-300 but that isn’t there

That’s not true.
The 747s in IF are very hard to handle. The A/P cannot even maintain an altitude at Vref speeds.

I suggest you the 737-800.

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Fly classic airliners in style with the 747-200.

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Other: Live+

Voted for 737-800. I like the design. Besides, it can land with 552 feet fewer than the Airbus A320 (compared to aircraft in its class).

Thanks to everyone who voted.

I would buy the 737-800 because it is a beautiful plane to fly the auto pilot and manual inputs are smooth also when you lower the flaps the plane doesn’t shake or pitch down or anything also it is easy to make small adjustments and is my favour plane to land. It also comes with lots of amazing liveries.

The thing with getting a 737 or 747 is that I don’t want then to be too similar to the one I already have.

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What plane should I buy because on Sunday I am going to buy a 10 pound play store gift card? Should I purchase the 757-200/767-300/a330/a340