What aircraft should I make?

I’m going to create a paper model aircraft but I’m not sure what aircraft please can you suggest some only Airbus or Boeing any livery as long as it is not to complicated.
I will take the most popular requests and make a poll for them. Please feel free to post pictures of the plane you would like to see

Boeing 377

The Airbus a320 in the OLD easyJet livery.
Old livery because it is easier

How did I know you were going to suggest that lol

It says Boeing or Airbus only

Edited my request to a similar airplane made by Boeing.

Sorry about that

No problem

What me?..

Yes lol 😀😃

The A340-600! With his two engines, the rendering can be grate!

Ok I’ll take that into consideration what livery

200th Airbus then

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Or Roman Abramovich’s Boeing 763 (The Bandit), I like the livery

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Etihad Airways! :P (The normal livery, not the F1 one).

Ok I’ll make my decision by tomorrow

Croatia airlanes livery

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Boieing 777-300ER Qatar Airways livery. It’s the best.

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Air France A330-203 or…
Cathay Pacific 777 Asia’s World City

Have fun! :)

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Anyone else have any suggestions