What aircraft should have a live cockpit next?

Just for your own general opinion, what aircraft would you like to see to have a live cockpit in Infinite Flight? Mine would probably be the A320 family, because it is the aircraft I fly the most, and want full realism on mobile. I only do real flights, so if you see me I will have the airline’s callsign, then real flight number. InfiniteFlight_2019-03-18-10-52-03|830x518
This isn’t an actual request, just a opinion, that some developers may see.


Cessna 208 because I think it’d be easier to implement it to a less ‘involved/complex’ aircraft first. Plus I think (at least in my personal opinion a soft rework for it would be nice too)


Cessna 172. No glass necessary.


Is there any planes with live cockpit already?

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Yes, the A10.


While this may be less of a priority for commercial jetliners, it is essential for realistic GA flight. Seems like it may be something that’s already in the works based off the little clues given by the IF team, but ya never know.


Laura mentioned this on the latest stream. She talked about 1) why it was in the a10 2) the challenges to bring it to other aircraft.


F/A 18 of course. But only if it’ll feature a live HUD. Otherwise I’d like to see some GA plane with a glass cockpit. Our little Cirrus or the TBM930 maybe. That would be nice 😊


I agree with most of you. I’d love nothing more than to fly some VFR on those GA’s. Cirrus, the Cessnas in our fleet are a must. I wouldn’t mind waiting for the TBM live cockpit since it just came out.


That would be a nice improvement to the aircraft, however there isn’t really any users of this aircraft, except from FedEx really.😰

Good point, would be a great introduction when new to Infinite Flight. Although the A-10 is already a free aircraft with live cockpit, I doubt the developers would consider this in the nearby future.

The A-10 Thunderbolt, a free IF aircraft included with game, has live cockpit, it is the first and only live cockpit on IF.

Yes, I guess it would be a lot of work for a commercial aircraft, especially all the lights and systems.

The TBM would be nice, although it is a fairly new aircraft to IF, the Cirrus never really was a success, nice some of the views are completely out of place. The F-18 isn’t too worth it since everyone uses the F-22 and it is a free aircraft, being one of the first for IF.

And another reason to rework it and add a live cockpit! Nice.


🤦‍♂️Good point, but I still think that people would use the F-22, it would be better to just keep with the idea of the F-22, for the communities enjoyment, but I don’t judge anyone’s opinion, because it is what they like best.

A tree Fiftee

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I’m guessing you mean A350, that won’t be added for a while, and they won’t have it in a live cockpit, as a guess.

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787-9 or 777-300


Well, to put it simply, probably the next aircraft to get a major rework/be added…

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