What aircraft is this?

So I was watching YouTube and this aircaft popped up in the video and I could not identify what aircaft it was, I’m thinking it’s an A321? I’m sorry if this is a useless topic but I don’t know who else to contact… (Manchester airport to KJFK)

Looks like a 757…
Or 767


Look like a Delta 767-300


Yep that’s right! :)

You can see on the tarmac the markings that say B763…if you look close enough.


If it’s that route, then defiantly not a A321, most defiantly 767

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A321 I believe. :) not sure though.

It’s a Boeing 767-300 :).

It’s definitely a DL 767-300ER. JFK-MAN on DL421 alternates between 767 and 757 based on demand, and that nose, the fuselage, those engines, and those winglets are so 767. Delta’s A321s only fly to Florida as of now, and haven’t ever crossed the pond (except for their delivery flights if made in XFW).

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