What aircraft has the longest range on IF?

I know the 772 can do 22 hrs, A321 can do 14 hours. are there longer than that?

From what I understand A350 is the king there. People have done 50+ hours on A350 with one engine at low cruising altitudes


How high??

Usually a few thousand feet above FL100. If I recall correctly @Suhas did almost 50 hours non-stop at FL130


In an F-22 I think you can currently fly for as long as you want

It’s a glitch, if you want to know more feel free to PM me

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Barring any single engine exploits, 77L.
That being said, 772, 77L, 77W, 788 (and probably all other 787s), A359 and B763 all have global range in IF. Pretty sure A388 and possibly B748 have it as well.

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Range by distance or time?

The 737 BBJ is a king out there for both if you ask me.


Sure thing!

Distance only

59 hours, yes. I’d recommend one engine cruise on the A350. If you need more assistance, you should summon @AndrewWu, he loves going brainiac mode over this stuff.

DC10 does 93 hours on ground effect


@AndrewWu , 77L with 8555nmi, A359 with 8100nmi, 346 with 7800nmi, 789 with 7635nmi, 77W with 7370nmi, 788 with 7355nmi, 772 with 7060nmi.

Those are IRL not IF

Well the flight times of IF pretty much match these.

Use the dc10 you can refuel max 3 times

From my experience it’s the DC-10 and MD-11. Although that’s probably because those are pretty much the only wide body aircraft I fly. So I couldn’t tell you for sure

Why were i able to fly an KDC-10 for about 63hrs and got refueled every 10-12 hrs so its more then 3 times in my experience. @Luu can proof that. he was refueling me back that time

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I think absolute range without single engine is 77L, but quite a few other aircraft have global range (including 767 lol)

How long can the 172 go with the mixture leaned right back?

About 7 hours