What Aircraft does Air NZ's "New Black" Livery look best on?

As the title says what aircraft do you think looks best with the “New Black” livery?

Q300, ATR 72, A320, 787, 777
This is Air NZ’s New Black Livery


Its an ok livery to start with.Better than the teal one but I like the all black one the most.

Not bad on the ATR though


The 787-9 looks amazing


I like it more in the A320…I still loving the All Blacks livery.

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I like the 777-200ER the best, I think it fits that plane really well! But, I think it looks great in all of their aircraft, which in my opinion is what makes a great livery.

But then there is the “All Blacks” 77W, what a beautiful plane!

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