What aircraft do you think Airbus will make after the A330neo?

See above. I’d like to know what you think Airbus will do after the A330neo.

Just an idea but the A3XX. A390 maybe.

In my opinion Airbus will invest in existing Aircrafts to improve them further

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Perhaps an A380 NEO? I remember reading that they may create a stretched version of the -800 at some point also, thereby introducing the -900.

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I hope Airbus doesn’t make any more aircrafts but fix and improve on there current ones.

Like try making the A340 Efficient.

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That would be nice. I would like to see more A340s flying around. I like the four engines.

As do I, I really don’t see that happening though.

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Airbus thinks they don’t need it. A350 is the replacement.

That makes sense I suppose, especially with the XWB 1000.

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Why was there never an a360

Probably a340-neo

I heard they’re planing A380neo.

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I highly doubt that Dan.

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Maybe A330-400, or -800 or something?

There is the upcoming A330 NEO family.

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I think that they will make an Airbus A330-800F (An A330neo freighter)

Most likely an a 321 lr for the 757 is still extermly popular in the US and most are 20+ years old

I red somewhere that KLM is going to buy A380-900 if Airbus will produce them.

An A322 could be launched if Boeing launch a mid sized aircraft sized above the 737-Max 9, which is rumoured.

They need to sit down with Emirates and get another 100+ frame A380 order lined up. If no other airlines want the A380, keep the one who keep buying it happy by stretching it and / or NEOing it.

And a ton of research and development work in the wind tunnels and CFD for a A320 replacement - they have got to have a viable narrow body on the drawing board in case Boeing move first with a new small jet.


yep if anything the Neo is most likely mainly because Emirates really want it and will order at least 100, if its viable for them they will do it

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